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ChatterBirds is an online bird watching community connecting people with an interest in birds, birding, nature and wildlife.

We offer a leading online resource for birdwatchers, providing a range of helpful birdwatching tools in one place. You can manage your birding diary, check out sightings in your area, upload and search bird images, post birding articles and lots more.  No bird watching community would be complete without a forum, a place for members to chat, share knowledge, swap tips, or get advice.

ChatterBirds is a community catering for all levels of bird watching interest, from people who enjoy watching birds in their local area to other more dedicated birders or twitchers.

At chatterBirds our mission is to provide a fun, useful and engaging experience for birdwatchers online, across all continents. If you aren’t already a member - then what are you waiting for? Join FREE today!

What is chatterBirds?
Recent photos
Aviary in Tenerife
Added by: Bobo
A cold walk on the beach
Added by: Jojo
Added by: frankie
trying my new guttering out in durham city.
Added by: frankie
kit over house
Added by: mac
sun on a kite
Added by: mac
Batara Mayor (Batara Major)
Added by: Birdin In Colombia
Atrapamoscas Pechirojo (Pyrocephalus rubinus)
Added by: Birdin In Colombia
Amazonian Royal Flycatcher 2
Added by: Birdin In Colombia
Added by: Birdin In Colombia
Who's talking about Magazine: chatterBirds is well laid out and offers plenty of content

Best of British: chatterBirds is the premier online community for birdwatchers

Bird Brain Film: The chatterBirds community offered great support to our project, thanks to the chatterBirds team!